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Crystal Yacht is about new vision in designing a yacht and implementing technological solutions that will give the yacht completely new capabilities and remove boundaries. This is the dream of the most experienced yacht owners and potential buyers, who understand that most yachts have limited capabilities.
The basic principle of our work is a combination of advanced technology and environmental responsibility. Modern technology allows us to create a vessel that uses natural energy sources such as the power of wind, sun and sea. We are creating a new trend in yachting: sustainability along with high autonomy, which reduces restrictions and enhanced comfort.

save the planet
Our yachts are not just for short trips along the coast — we create real residences on the water, where you can comfortably live and travel the world for years, entering enclosed waters inaccessible to most yachts.
Наши команды морских инженеров и дизайнеров создают яхты, используя совершенно новый подход к их строительству, дизайну и внутренним системам. Новые технологии и материалы, которые мы используем делаю наши творения экологичными, прогрессивными и автономными.
Если у вас есть мечта и идея, сделать лучшую яхту мы знаем как ее построить.

Why Crystal Yachts?
Crystal yacht — yachts of the future
Crystal Yachts is committed to introducing innovative ideas and technology to meet both the technical and aesthetic needs of our customers. We pay close attention to project design and technical perfection, so each of our yachts is unique and exceptional.

Our company philosophy is based on finding a balance between applying modern solutions and protecting the environment.
Environmental friendly
Low operating costs

Cost Optimization
We strive to achieve high autonomy of our yachts through low fuel (energy) consumption. We use alternative energy sources: solar panels, storage batteries, fuel cells and innovative sailing systems: SKY sail.
Although yachts are traditionally considered to be recreational and leisure, today’s eco-trends are setting a new understanding of yachts as environmentally friendly and economical means of transportation. Catamarans and yachts powered by renewable energy are not only superior to their non-hybrid counterparts in terms of autonomy but also preserve the eco-environment of the seas and oceans.
We design and build our yachts in the UAE, which allows us to attract the best specialists from different countries and minimize construction costs. The result of this placement is optimized taxation, the ability to use the latest technology to build yachts and catamarans. As well as the implementation of productive solutions to obtain high-tech and high-quality products at a competitive price.
Engineering Excellence
The new approach to design
Spacious living and utility areas, high level of comfort, maximum automatization of all systems — all this makes our yachts fully independent. We build yachts with a length of more than 80 feet to accommodate all the necessary equipment without compromising the comfort of the owner and his guests, while obtaining a high level of seaworthiness.
The quality of our services and our professionalism make us a perfect partner. We are well aware that a vessel has to be comfortable, easy to manage, and, above all, reliable. That is why, when designing and building yachts, we use advanced solutions that have a high level of reliability and, at the same time, are easy to operate and maintain
Each yacht is a piece of art. We create unique and luxurious interiors, implementing the most progressive ideas. Each new project allows us to push the boundaries of imagination, modernize space planning and apply new design solutions.
Our team works in collaboration with each client to find the best solution for intelligent and functional interior design and to realize the aesthetic design of the yacht exterior.
Sea is a place to live and enjoy.
The journey starts with yacht design



It's time for
Sea is a place
to live and enjoy
New necessary technological level
Buying a Superyacht is not an expense, but a real investment.
Switch to alternative eco-friendly energy systems
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Barsha Heights (Tecom)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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