A new approach to the creation of an expedition yacht based on a catamaran hull, in combination with MTU Rolls Roys hybrid propulsion, enhanced by storage batteries and a large area of ​​​​solar panels, allows to get a significant superiority over other yachts in all main characteristics.
Design: Crystal Yachts
Length: 40 m / 130”
Beam: 16 m / 52”
Draft: 2.2 m / 7,2 ’’
Living space: 700 m²
Open space: 250 m²
Fuel: 70 000 l / 18 500 gl
Water: 10 000 l / 2600 gl
Main Diesel Engines: 2 x MTU Rolls-Royce 900 kW (10V2000M72)
Main Electric engines: 2 x 500 kW (Hybrid system)
Generators: 2 x 150 kW, 1x 60 kW ( Hybrid system)
Range: up to 20000 nm (with Sky sail option)
Storage Battery: 1 MW (up to 2 MW optional)
Solar panels: 300 m²
Max. Speed (Diesel engines): 18 knots
Cruising Speed (electric-diesel): 10 knots
Economical Speed (electric): 6 knots
Construction place: UAE
Hull: Aluminum
Superstructure: Aluminum
Classification: - MCA, RINA, BV Unrestricted
Guests: 12 in 6 apartments
Crew: Up to 7 crew members in 4 cabins
Price: EUR 12,000,000 (Ex. VAT)

Living area
  • The largest master cabin in the class with an area of 80 m² with its own open deck of 30 m².
  • The largest VIP cabin in the class with an area of 50 m², with its own open deck of 30 m².
  • The largest guest cabins in the class with an area of 30 m² each.
  • Comfort and layout are much better, due to the large beam, which makes it possible to accommodate large
living spaces.
  • Natural stabilization due to the large beam.
  • The possibility to place an elevator, a helipad, and a swimming pool.
Crystal Navigator Explorer 130 -
The catamaran has a length of 40 meters with a beam of 16 meters, the total interior area is 700 m², this
is comparable to a 50–60 meter yacht.
The range without refueling with a hybrid propulsion is 20,000 nautical miles versus 10,000 nautical miles for the
best expedition yacht.
The autonomy of the catamaran is 12+ months versus 3–4 months for an expedition yacht
Maintenance costs are 5 times less than that of a similar yacht in terms of displacement.
The area of solar panels is 300 m² and storage batteries 2+ MW, allow to move or stand at anchor
almost without turning on the generator.
The combination of a large area of solar panels, storage batteries, makes you independent from marinas
and ports. The catamaran can be anchored practically without turning on diesel generators therefore
eliminating harmful emissions into the atmosphere.The hybrid system in combination with solar panels and a storage battery makes this catamaran the
quietest, most economical and environmentally friendly in this class, making it possible not to depend on
refueling and docking for a long time.
The most technologically advanced catamaran on the market.
The lowest price on the market.
Fast construction time – 18 months.
Maintenance costs
Tameem House Building, Floor 25
Barsha Heights (Tecom)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 575 7979

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